Transform's Weight & Attach doesn't go well together

Hi guys,

We’re currently working with the Sequencer and we noticed some issues with the Weight track. It becomes rough sometimes to preview sequences (when you preview by sliding the tracker forward & backward) and when used with an Attach track, the transformation can get all messed up.

To give some context, we want to trigger a Sequence and blend the current ingame player’s position when it starts, to the position in the Sequence. It works perfectly when we use the “Weight” track from 0 to 1 over time with no attach.

However, in the nature of our project, we attach our Characters to an Actor so it becomes its new origin. When you’re outside of the Sequence and you move that actor, it moves everything attached to it so you don’t need to redo all the transforms keys. Super useful when you want to move the start point of a Sequence.

When attached to another actor, the blending starts and my character is in a complete different position (not 0,0,0 nor the start position in the sequence). If we preview the sequence, we can see the character lerping from its new start position, and near the end of the blend, it comes back where desired.

In order to fix that, we found out that moving the Transform track to Frame 1 gives a natural blend ingame. But if still at Frame 0, we’ll see a big translation ingame.

Concerning the preview with the “Weight” track, we were curious to know if it was possible to disable the weight values when we preview the sequence (so it’s only visible when played ingame) ?

  • The only solution we’ve found, is to “disable” the “Weight” track, preview, and to put it back.

Any thoughts?
Thank you!