Transformorph Multiplayer Skeletal Mesh Customization

We want to give a BIG THANKS to ALL of our Customers.

Updates in the works:

  1. Multiplayer Morphtarget Modify, Save, Load, and Morphing Transition.
  2. Slider Widget Option for Scrollbox.
  3. Tweaks.

There will be a slight price increase (~ $34.99) with the additions, so get Transformorph at $24.99 today!

By TheGameDevStore on March 15, 2021 12:08 AM - Edited on March 15, 2021 12:14 AM

Hi @PsychoSeaCap, we apologize for the delay. Transformorph can not save as a new mesh as it operates with the Animation System, not directly on the geometry. The system supports saving and loading of configurations. With these features, you can transformorph at runtime, save the configuration and load/apply the saved configuration on initializing the Pawn/Character Blueprint. Save/Load Demonstration Video.

Approved for UE4 4.27!

  1. Metahuman Compatibility: YES! We Credit and give BIG :+1: to @FoxxTrax for Testing:

This Plugin is so Great

By FoxxTrax on August 14, 2021 12:03 PM
Easy to Use and works on Metahumans!

  1. UE5 EA Compatibility: YES! We Credit and give BIG :+1: to @First-Step for Testing:

It seems like UE5 just changed the location of AnimGraphNode_SkeletalControlBase.h from Editor/AnimGraph/Classes to Editor/AnimGraph/Public so I just went into AnimGraphNode_MorpheusTransformorph.h in visual studio and changed the #include "Editor/AnimGraph/Classes/AnimGraphNode_SkeletalControlBase.h" line to #include "Editor/AnimGraph/Public/AnimGraphNode_SkeletalControlBase.h"

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