Transformation Actors Plugin

The plugin is intended to transform (move, rotate, scale) the actors in the game. Transformations are controlled by the player. Transformation parameters depend mainly on the coordinates of the mouse cursor and the value of keys on the keyboard, ie control is performed by the mouse cursor and (or) the keyboard.

Moving is possible both in the screen plane (with the mouse cursor) and in depth (as a variant of the mouse wheel). As the character can move at transformations, it can “carry” an object with itself. When you control the keyboard you use a custom SceneComponent for axes of movement.

Rotation is possible in four variants: Pitch and Yaw, Roll, Pitch, Yaw for mouse cursor and Yaw, Roll, Pitch for keyboard. You can specify SceneComponent, from which axes of rotation will be taken. For example, the character’s camera. If the component is not set, then the character’s axes will be used.

Scaling is performed simultaneously in three axes when controlling the mouse cursor and selectively when controlling the keyboard.

The plugin has a built-in TransformActorInterface and dispatchers. They are triggered in four events: selection of the transformation mode and exit the mode, the beginning of the actor control and the end of the control.

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As soon as possible it will be in Marketplace

See plugin at Marketplace: TransformationActorsPlugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace