Transform Tool plugin

Hello everybody!

I’d like to introduce you a continuation of Editor free rotation manipulator developement.

The tool mutated into the editor mode plugin, and now can be distributed without a pain. Since this is the editor mode, the only place we can use this, is level editor viewport. And, in most cases, this is axactly where we want to.

Full list of features:

  • Preserve child transform
  • Duplicate with transform (Works outside the editor mode too!)
  • Arcball rotation
  • Arcball handles scale
  • Arcball appearance options
  • Translation and scale gizmos applies deltas locally
  • Center pivot based on selection bounding box
  • Editor preferences for cros session settings save
  • Choose whether to rotate objects around gizmo pivot or its own pivots
  • Key bindings

See the intro video

Another video where you can see no difference between rotations in editor and maya

Runtime module capabilities demo
Try Windows x64 packaged build

Read an article on 80lvl

Read the docs

Example project

Treat this post as general discussion place, ask anything, report bugs, request new features! Or hit me a direct message on my facebook page

The tool will be available on marketplace soon.

Cheers!:rolleyes: [HR][/HR]
Check out demo of my pal Alex where he utilizes transform tool and his magnificentplugin to animate a character inside the editor! Character rig is ideal example where “classic” transform gizmo indispensable. I highly recommend to check out allrightrig plugin if anyone haven’t seen it yet!!!
Good_News_Everyone.jpgGood news everyone!!! MARKETPLACE

Very nice!


Cool beans! :rolleyes:

Added extra handles to translation gizmo. The default ones are too close to center, and it is hard to grab the one you need sometimes


Gonna try this… Thanks for your work!

Awesome tool waited for something like this for a long time :smiley: Are you planning on adding a screen space or a bounding box based location transforms as well? Here the gif of what i mean

looks insane

Thanks man) Screen space translation already exists, and it always been. There is a white sphere in the pivot of the translation gizmo. Go ahead and left mouse drag :slight_smile:


Yeah but you have to snipe it every time :smiley: What im showing in the gif is the ability to click anywhere on the mesh and translate it .

Oh, now i understand! This is nice feature, i’ll put it in TODO list

is this Cryengine viewport on your screencap?

I’ve purchased your plugin.
I’m glad I’ve waited a little bit for the price drop.

Althought, this plugin needs extra polish.

  1. Add a shortcut to enable/disable TransformTool


  1. Add slider for Gizmo Location / Scale size
    Currently you can increase/decrease size of gizmo by pressing ALT + or ALT + ]

  2. Decrease Gizmo size from shortcut (right now It’s jumping 0.5 each time you press shortcut, decrease it to 0.25)

  3. Add option to resize those additional location gizmo selectors

@Coverop thank you for feedback!

Some critical bugs were found:

  1. Crash on sequencer save, when mode is active
  2. Sequencer autokey not working with rotation handles
  3. Mode tab priority not set
  4. Default editor gizmo size adjustment not considered

All of this is fixed now and pushed to marketplace! Update will be available through launcher in a couple of weeks.

Also, guys, feel free to ask new stuff to add!


Keep add new features! Trackball rotation mode. No mouse sphere projection, not limited by sphere diameter during drag. It is not as accurate as arcball, but can be useful maybe.

Do YOU guys wanna have API to implement your OWN gizmos for in-game editors??:smiley: Have a look at some early prototyping of runtime module

I’ve found a critical bug when It comes to the actors.

[quote=“ILunin, post:15, topic:111260”]

Do YOU guys wanna have API to implement your OWN gizmos for in-game editors??:smiley: Have a look at some early prototyping of runtime module

When will this come out? Can’t wait to have it.

I think it will be done in a couple of months or sooner!

Have a look guys :o Tested on android too!