Transform Modify Bone Neck Rotation problem

I’d like my characters head to rotate to one side, but i’m having problems. As the character moves around the world, the neck rotates all over the place. I’m using a Transform (modify) Bone on the characters Anim Graph with a Neck Rotation variable being fed into the Rotation.

This is my character Even Graph:

Can anyone give me some pointers please? I’m guessing i’d have to get the relative rotation of the mesh? And add the 45 degrees on to that maybe?

Is the Transform (Modify) Bone node set to have Rotation: Add to Existing and Bone Space?

Are you sure you want to rotate the Pitch and not the Roll?

Did you try manually adjusting X/Y/Z values in the Transform (Modify) Bone node to make sure the axes and settings are correct?

What exactly are you trying to do with the neck? Necks rotate in three axes, so which axis are you trying to rotate?

Hard to help with so little information…

Hi DsyD. Yes I’ve checked and I definitely want to move the neck on the Y Axis (Pitch).

Ah ive just tried changing Rotation Space to component and it worked. I didn’t realise you could do that! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cool, glad you figured it out! You could also try using an additive pose, one for left and one for right rotation, and control the rotation amounts in the anim bp using a float. Might be easier than messing with a lot of math nodes.