Transform (modify) bone in animgraph doesnt work properly

i’ll try to explain the issue:

I want to bend my hips if i look down with the mouse cursor. Thats why i seperated the anims in upper and lower body at spine_02 like this.

Spine_02 gets his rotation from a variable. I set this variable at the anim event graph like this:

but what i get is that the hip doesnt get replicated for the client. If i try it with setting the variable via custom event (server) and (multicast) it looks like this:

On the server it works well like this:

Just the client has his issues.

I hope i could explain the issue well enough.
The animgraph doesnt replicate the hip to the client.
I can solve it by launching a custom event on the Char BP and letting him replicate the rotation to the server and from server to the animgraph but it has atleast 1frame lag which makes it look unfluent.

Please help me i have this problem since months and nobody could solve it yet.
Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day.