Transform(modify) bone bug?


With or without rotation input, the outcome is the same, the bone behaves like that in-game as well. How can I get it to look normal?

Bump. Just in case I haven’t explained well enough(because the problem is exactly what you see and nothing else).

Transform(Modify) Bone with the settings I’ve shown in the picture does this to the model, regardless of the rotation input I give it, and regardless of the bone I use for it, that’s it.

If I use Additive rotation mode, it goes very unnatural and weird(with rotation input). Please help?


You’ve set the bone to “replace” in world space.

So whatever the rotation of the bone should be, it is instead defined to be 0,0,0, which is obviously highly incorrect in this case.

You need to either use additive rotations, or define the bone’s position in local or component space (and perhaps also offset whatever input you’re feeding it to put it in the right range)

The only way for it to work properly is to set the bone to replace in world space.

If I do additive, then the bone turns around 180 degrees in comparison with the actor rotation, and I can’t have that, I tried limiting it by clamping the angles in comparison with the actor rotation BUT it ignores that completely, while in replace -> world space it manifests properly.