Transform (modify) bone affect all bones...


Im creating very simple aim offset since i dont have aim offset animations… So im transforming spine bone and i want to move whole upperbody as it is in a base pose hovewer when i rotate spine up or down, other bones rotating a bit too and it causes me problems with weapon in hands… (weapon overlapping body or aiming in wrong direction etc…)

Could someone help me how to not affect other bones rotations or how to solve this?

you are probably rotating in bone/parent bone space.
Rotate in world space if you want to have it aligned

I tried world space but it has same effect… Now im trying aim offset and second hand is never on weapon… im done, dont have idea why i have these problems if im moving with whole upper body… I have alternative solution with alpha bone transforms at desired locations but rotating spine only is much easier but it doesnt work and i dont have idea why… i seen one tutorial where guy did this and everything worked, better hands placement than in aim offset…