Transform mode not displayed

Hello, UE 5 users. A couple of days ago I downloaded and installed Unreal Engine 5. Now, as far as possible, I study it, watch a lot of different videos on working with it, but I can’t fully work with objects, because the object transformation function does not work. This is when you create, for example, a cube and to the right of the general window where we interact with the scene, we see a catalog of all objects, and already below it there is an object transformation mode as a separate setting: scaling, moving and rotating. Also, it seems to me, there should be other parameters. This transformation mode simply does not exist. only the structure of the objects. I have been trying to turn it on for several days, in all the videos this mode is already working. I watched separate videos on creating an interior or landscape, and there it was necessary to create a completely empty scene. That’s where I created random objects and this mode worked, but I don’t understand why this mode doesn’t work in any scene. Please help me to understand this mode. Thank you very much in advance!

Do you have ‘all’ selected?


Also, did you accidentally close the tab? ( then click on the arrow to reopen it )