Transform gizmo issues / requests

I’m going to collect my gizmo issues in this thread!
Also, I wouldn’t mind looking at the source to see if I can fix these myself - but I was unable to find the source files related to the gizmo

The transform gizmo jumps when clone-dragging with multiple objects selected.
It can get very disorienting - the gizmo changes both position and orientation, as if you selected another object last.

When dragging an axis of the gizmo in the 2D view, it sometimes moves as if it measures its offset distance projected along the wrong axis.
If I move the cursor perpendicular to the axis at hand, I expect it to stand still, which is the case most of the time.
It also happens when dragging the two-axis drag, which is even more disorienting.

The planar drag handles can get in awkward angles, where it’s near impossible, if not impossible to drag without another plane covering it.
It would be nice if you could make the planar handles follow the camera around!
Here’s an animation of how it works in the Unity engine:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Added another request!

Man… This is so fr@cking annoying, I’m loosing my mind over this!!! It’s impossible to do any serious work because of this.
Any chance this might get fixed? I’d be sooooo happy…

This looks exactly like an issue I opnce had.
Here is the AnswrHub refernce from back then. (Actually, it was my first AnswerHub post ever :p)
I even made a video of it back then :slight_smile:

Could be you encountered the same quirk…

The thing I’m talking about is not a bug, it’s just badly designed transform gizmo. Plane handles and even arrows get in the way of one another and it’s impossible to select them from certain angles. So in order to do that, you need to rotate the camera first.

Unreal Engine is the only 3d editor/DCC that has this problem. It must be really easy to fix it by making the gizmo like the one in Unity, as seen in the gif above.

Well may i say: please don’t mess gizmo any more than it is now.

Lots of those problems come from old gizmo behavior that is here since 1990s. And i bet more than half of unreal community is used to old ways of handling objects in 3d.
Personally i have no problem with rotating, moving, scaling all that without even touching gizmo. Epic already changed few minor things which were very annoying (some are great and welcome, but some don’t) when i moved from udk to unreal 4.

That is exactly the problem, if they change behavior of gizmo they make part of community happier but other part will get angry, if they add new functionality on top of old, soon or later we end with similar mess to what 3d max ui has now. Such changes to ui should be very well thought, and done slowly, you cannot rush that.

Ps. look for quite old text file with all keyboard bindings for unreal editor, most of them still work.

It’s a transform gizmo, not a rocket engine :slight_smile: I’ve been using all kinds of DCC tools for more than 15 years, and not even early versions of max and maya had this problem. And the fix would not change it, it would just make the plane always face the camera, like in the gif above. Or another solution would be to make the horizontal plane bigger so it sticks out on both sides of the center of the gizmo.

I’m really curious to see how you move things around without touching the gizmo… Seriously, how do you do that? I need to move stuff around all the time, like big and small rocks, finding good composition, etc… If I could do this without touching the gizmo I’d be the happiest person :wink: