[transform bone] Rotator axis flip

Hi! I’m having a bit of a headache scripting component rotation in UE.

Basically, I get that all the axis are clamped to -180,180. I also noticed that one axis sometimes flips another one 180 degrees, which is super annoying.

I’m trying to script my own IK solver and rotate a forearm bone. The problem is when I rotate my VR controlled wrist too much, the angle flips from -180 to 180. Normally you wouldn’t notice - you’d think it’s actually the same rotation - but since it’s a character rig where the twist direction is, in fact, visible, I get a glitch where wrist rotation flips from -180 to 180, and I’m losing my head trying to fix it.

I’m using transform modify bone in animation blueprint.

I’d be very thankful for any help!

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Have you solved this by any chance? I and having the same issue :confused:

Same issue here - did anyone ever find a solution?