Transform Bone Node of Animated Blueprint in C++

i got an animated Blueprint which moves the bones of a skeleton with function Transform (Modify) Bone. Now i want to translate my Blueprint in C++ Code but i do not know how i can access this method in my code. Can you guys maybe tell me how to use them in my Code? I did not find any solution for this and now i hope i can get some help here.

While you can move most Blueprints into C++ - moving Animation Blueprints is a whole other matter. Animation Blueprints are basically just a way to arrange Animation Graph Nodes out visually, set properties, and hook them up. Specifically, the Transform (Modify) Node is UAnimGraphNode_ModifyBone.

I would strongly suggest you leave Animation Blueprints as Blueprints and not try to bring those wholly into C++ as it’s going to require a lot of ugly work for what is a very small speed increase (especially if the Animation Blueprint can be executed asynchronously).