Transform a static mesh To a pawn

I bought an asset in the marketplace, this asset contains a boat that can float on the water with a buoyancy system.
My problem is that this boat is a static mesh. And I need to be able to control this boat (with Wass) when the player enter in.
I only way I found to do that is to make the boat a pawn. But I don’t know how to do it because the boat’s static mesh contains a buoyancy system and I don’t think I can adapt

Not sure for this exact mesh because I don’t have access to it but usually for any static mesh you can right click on it in the content browser and ask it to make a blueprint actor out of the mesh and it should auto create the actor. You could then go an change the parent class to a pawn. Alternatively, you could just create a pawn blueprint and add a static mesh component and then add the static mesh you got from the marketplace. If it is a mesh it should add just fine.

I assume the boat with the buoyancy is a blueprint Actor with a static mesh on it + some logic either in the blueprint actor or a component of this actor?

If that’s the case what you would need to do is reparent the blueprint to inherit from Pawn, which would allow you to possess it and get input to the Pawn.

After which you would need to find out how your buoyancy system plays together with a movement system.