Transform a bone multiple times

Hi guys,

I need to change the size of two bones several times. How can I do that? I want to set up four different sizes for each bone to transform the skeleton from one stage to another randomly, one stage at a time.

So far I just managed to change the size of the bones, which is far from what I want.

Many thanks.

The Scale pin on each transform node can be attached to a variable that you update elsewhere as needed.


I couldn’t make it work yet. Let’s break it into parts. I have attached the scale pin of the Transform Bone node to a variable curve. I don’t know how to set up the curve so the bone moves on time. So far I just managed to set the bone paused in a given point of the curve. How should I set up the “In time” pin?


Hi again!

That was an easy one. I just plugged the “In time” to a Get Real Time Seconds and it worked.

My next question is how to transform one bone at a time. I have three Transform Bone nodes plug one after the other, but I don’t want to transform all of them at the same time. My goal is to transform them randomly, one at a time. I am pretty lost with this.

Many thanks.


I couldn’t make it work yet, but I hope I’m a bit closer. At this point I’m not getting any action in my scene, I just got a couple of bones deformed but static. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

This is what I have done.

Inside a Class Blueprint I set up a timeline (with a float track from 0 to 1 in a span of 2 seconds). The Timeline is linked to the alpha of two lerps which are promoted to a variable.;base64

In the event graph of the Animation Blueprint I got the variables and promote them to new variables to use them in the animation graph.;base64

Finally, I plugged the variables into the scale pin to of a Transform Bone node in the Animation Graph.

As I said, this is still not working. I need the bones to change their scale on time but I was just able to change the size of the bones according to the value of the variables that are plugged into the scale pin of the Transform Bone node.

I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

Hi again,

I figured out why the anim graph wasn’t getting the values from the actor blueprint. I just needed to set up the animation class of the mesh inside the actor blueprint according to the name of the animation blueprint. Just in case this is helpful for someone else.

But I am not still there. Could someone give me a hand to set up the random values to drive the transformation inside the actor blueprint?

My failed attempt was to get random values from an array (scale_5) to feed the B value of a Lerp. The return value of the lerp is a variable (scale 1) that I connected to the transform bone node of the animation graph as I explained in my last post. This is not working, for some reasons, it is getting all the values in a random order during the length of the timeline instead of picking a single value.

What I need is to get a single random value from the array to transform the bone with interpolation, and then get another random value to transform it again, and so on and so forth, during the whole length of the game. I guess that activating the loop of the timeline should be enough to keep the thing running.

Unless my approach is completely wrong I just need to know how to get a single random value from the array (scale 5) each time to feed the B value of the lerp.



All my posts end up the same way,. I solve my own problem while waiting for help that never comes :slight_smile: (I guess ‘EveryNone’ doesn’t come to our neighborhood…)

Thanks for sharing! :wink: