Transferring Animation from Maya to Unreal Engine 4

Transferring Animation from Maya to Unreal Engine 4

My problem i’m having is every time i apply my animation track on unreal, it doesn’t work. I’ve included pictures on how i exported and imported from Maya to unreal.

I didn’t realize the images i uploaded are soooooooooooo blurry, sorry.

The Rig i’m using is Azri

Here’s what i did next

Seletected my joints, went to tabs and clicked hierarchy. then went to edit -> keys -> bake simulation.

Still having my joints group selected i Ctrld click my geomtry group on my outliner and went up to “file” -> Export Selection and proceeded to export

Exporting my animation, went to game exporter.

Animation clips

Export Object Set - Export_Skel

FBX Version - FBX 2014/2015

On Unreal, i’ve already imported the mesh and now importing the animation.

Here’s the option box when importing my animation

Applied animation

Yet still not movement on my characters.