Transferring a Bp function/node into another Project


I want totransfer/migrate a BP funtions/node to my project. its in Robo Recall mod editor and it is called ‘Set Transform Pivot’ which does what it says. I couldn’t find it in UE4.15 so i thought i’d try transferring it. If not, is there anyway to recreate this in BP?


If it is a C+±made function, you will need to manually copy the code over into the relevant files in your project (You should be able to right click the node, and go to code definition). If it is Blueprint-made, the easiest thing would be to just double click the function (Which takes you to the function graph), and then copy all of the nodes that it contains (And replicate and functions that are made specifically for use inside of this function. It looks like the function belongs to Odin Grab Interaction Component, so you can locate it inside of that class. Just make sure you have all of the rights to use it in your own project.

As a side note, if this is a code function, you can still recreate it in Blueprints fairly easily, if you are able to recognize what the code is doing, and the required functions can be executed through Blueprints.