Transfering UE 4 blueprints , UE 4 editor files/programms between computers?


I have two questions:

1.Is there a easy way to transfer your unreal 4 editor with all the blueprints and programms from one computer to another without downloading the data again over the internet?
2.If i want to run ue 4 editor from a “powerfull” tablet like the surface pro 3 when i am not at home, is it practical at all or is it just way to slow even if i scale down the settings.

It really depends on why you are doing this, but source control should work

I highly doubt that your tablet will be able to handle UE4 very well, but you could try.

Is there not a easy way in the option menue of the ue4 editor to make a setupfile which includes all the created blueprints,which i can install then
on a new computer ? It would be pretty cool and timesaveing if i could easily transfer all my work with ue4 (quite a bit) to my notebook for mobile use :wink:
UE4 is free so i dont understand why the woud restrict the poliferation between computers in a way,that you have to download data again which is already on your pc .Instead of giving you a possibility for easy transfer between systems?

Well, you can do File -> Package Project- > Zip Up Project, and that will zip up everything you need to work on the project, and you can transfer that to your tablet and unzip it if that’s what you mean.