Transfering Parent events to child NPC

good day everyone , i have a little problem to get something working in my rpg , i have made a raw Monster npc which is heavily interacting with my character.

Those monster npc got 5 different ways to attack the player (e.g single target, aoe, debuff, buff, normalattack), all of them working inside different blueprints together

my question here is: is it possible to call those events in a child monster npc so that the raw just has like the event wivh gets castet to all childs?

this is what the skillchoose looks like (here the events should relate to the child npc’s

thats the attack event fire but it should just refer to tthe child npcs, which all having their own skills.

okay sry guys my bad, didnt thought about adding a event dispatcher

Made it in main npc , replaced normal skill with call dispatcher and in the child npc i refered a bind on event to the tick note where i will call all my Skills attacks etc