Transfering landscape layers

I have recently been playing around with landscapes in UE4 and found an awesome way of non-destructive-workflow with landscape layers. Generally those work as expected until I ran into some issues when trying to exchange landscape tiles while at the same time keeping weight painted layers.
My setup consists of a world that is split into multiple tiles, handled the standard world composition way. To further customize my landscape I created landscape layers, both, for height information and texture painting.


As you can see above I painted weight on my landscape and organised it with several layers. Now when I exchange the tile I previously worked on, UE4 creates another landscape named Landscape1, with, as you can see no more weight painted layers on it.

Now to my actual problem (Sorry for the long text, I wanted to make sure we are on the same page now):
Is there a possibility to keep/copy & paste/transfer landscape layers from one tile to another? Let’s say you worked on a landscape tile, refined it with landscape layers and suddenly recognize you need a lake somewhere on that tile, a problem which can only be solved in external software which results in a reimport of that specific tile.
I tried multiple approaches with minor success and solutions like the “Copy and Paste” feature in landscape editing which however is quite contrary to the non-destructive-workflow UE4 tries to provide with the new landscape layer functionality.
Maybe solutions already exist and I just didn’t happen to find them yet so links to existing explanations/tutorials are appreciated as well.


I don’t know for specific tiles, but what you can do is right click on the landscape heightmap>export to file and you will have the Heightmap for landscape.
Modify it in an external software and then right click on the landscape heightmap>import from file and will update! :smiley:

I haven’t tested with edit layers, but “ideally” should work the same!

Thanks for the fast reply!

I think I know what you refer to but don’t you “bake” the layers onto the landscape tile then? I mean that should work as some kind of hacky solution to achieve what I need but ideally I want to have landscape tiles and landscape layers seperated at all times in case I need to edit those layers later on.

By tile you mean landscape section? if yes I believe there’s no solution… you can try exporting the final height map and do some photoshop copy/paste work, but I really dont know