Transfer Purchased Vault Items to New Account

I’ve seen similar questions asked, but I wanted to explain my circumstance.

I use Unreal for my company’s archvis. I had several packs purchased in my vault before coming to this company. Since working here, I’ve purchased additional marketplace items with company funds, but they live on my account.

My initial options before starting work here:

Option 1: make a new company account and use work-around methods to import my account’s packs

Option 2: purchase new items on a company account and import them into projects made on my personal account

Option 3: just keep everything on my personal account

For ease & efficiency, I went with option 3.

If I ever leave this company, I’d like to transfer these expensive assets out of my possession back to the company.

If this isn’t possible, it should be. Perhaps with time limits on when you can transfer to avoid abuse.

Thank you for reviewing.

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Did you ever find a good way to do this. I need to as well.