Transfer Project Level?

Is it possible and how can you do it, to transfer a level made in one project to another project?

i.e. I made a nice tunnel with a lake in a test project I was doing, but I like it enough to where I want to use the tunnel in a different project.

Do a right click on the map in your content browser - asset action - migrate :slight_smile:

Thanks a million!
Is there a way to only migrate what I want and not the other ****?
I got a couple example packs in the project (Top Down Tutorial) and I don’t want it.

Anything referenced by the map will also be moved along with it. Sometimes copy-pasting in Explorer is the better option if you don’t want all the other assets to come across with it, but you’ll have to fix up broken references when you open the map.

Just delete everything in the map that you dont want to use - save it under a new name - migrate it -> easiest and fastest way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!