Transfer engine version to another computer

Hi Everyone

Iv read through some questions and couldn’t really find an answer to what im looking for so I do apologise if this has been asked before. I’m running UE4 on two computers, One computer has Version 4.9.2 and the other computer has 4.10.4. Is it possible to move 4.10.4 over to the other computer without going through that download process?

My thinking would be to download 4.10.4 on my outdated computer, pause the download, close Epic Launcher, then replace the 4.10.4 folder in windows that’s just been created and open Epic Launcher again? Id prefer getting an answer before attempting it, I don’t wanna run into any Install failed Code errors…


Thanks Tim

Ill give it a shot

Hi Neil,

I’ve not tried this with launcher versions, so I cannot speak to whether it will automatically show up in the Launcher or cause an issue with launching from there specifically. With that being said though, you can copy the engine to another computer and it work without issue.

For instance, you would navigate to where ever you engine versions are installed, in this case if you’re using the launcher that would be in C:\Program Files\Epic Games most likely. You can copy the Engine Version folder to any flash/portable HDD drive and place this in any location on your other computer. If it doesn’t work with the Launcher you can always create a shortcut to the Editors executable located in [Engine Version]\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe.

I hope this helps.