Transfer data result from one blueprint to another?

Is it possible to transfer data result from one blueprint to another and how? Also is it possible and how to fit a whole blueprint logic inside a custom made node and have this node on the hard disk?

Yes. Easiest way is direct blueprint communication:

You can put as much on a custom node as you want, or split it up over many nodes.

All of it is stored on the hard drive with your project.

The OP probably means a bit of reusable script:

Thank you I will check the links. I keep my projects on an outside hard disk. I want to do the same for each blueprint I create - to keep the work in folder on a out hard disk.

Edit: or at least transfer a blueprint from one project to another and keep blueprints inside a project.

When you save your project, the blueprints get saved in the project content folder, you can always copy that.

You can also migrate things between projects ( in content browser, right click ).

Thank you so much