Transfer character data

Hello everybody. Help me figure out how best to make a system for saving and transferring character data from the main menu to the level and back? I need the character to appear in the main menu when entering the game, and if changes occur in this character during the game, it appears in the main menu (equipment, level). How can I implement this correctly? I have the following ideas on this: the character will be created in the main menu, and after appearing on the level, all this will be implemented with the actor component of the main character and will be tied to the main menu (I’m not sure if this is the right decision, but I don’t know what other class would be better to use for this. I found the only lesson in which this was done through player state, but I need it for single player). After that, the character will receive the initial parameters from the data table into his actor component, and during the game the changes will be written to the actor component of the character, and then this data is transferred first to the saved game, and then to the game instance. , after which the data will be saved via autosave. And the current character with new parameters will appear in the main menu. Would this solution be correct for the above problem? Thanks in advance for the answers and sorry for my english

You don’t need to move it between the game and the menu. You need it in a central place which they both access. That would be the save game.

I think you might be overthinking it. The character has default, which could come from a data table if you want. During the game the character changes, this goes in the save game.

When you get to the menu, it just loads the character data from the save game, if changes are made, put them in the save game. When you re-start a level, the character reads it’s current state from the save game. It’s all the save game.

ClockworkOcean, thank a lot for you help. I will try to do it, as you advised.

Just ask for more help :slight_smile: