Transfer animations between characters


I’m using the Pistol Animset Pro and the GR male hero 02.
And I’m trying to use the character with the Pistol Animset pro but I can’t figure things out.
Do I need to retarget or is there a way to transfer animations from the Pistol Animset Pro to the Male Hero, considering that they use UE4 skeleton system

For me animations are still black magic, but I’d like to learn how personna works.
I’m using the 4.13 version of the engine

Thank you.

Hi Sorhane,

Typically you would retarget The Animset Pro animations to function with the Male Hero but if they are using the same skeleton, you can delete the UE4 Skeleton from the Pistol Animset Pro directory and, when prompted, replace it with the UE4 Skeleton from the GR male hero 2 directory in the Content Browser. This should result in all animations being previewed with the Male Hero.

I recommend trying this in a new, blank project to make sure nothing “breaks” when doing this.


Hi .

Thank you for your answer.
It worked like a charm.

I’m not sure if I can ask here but I have another question about animation and especially with the state machine.

I have created my state machine with first the idle, and second the walk/run animation.
On the animation blueprint if I’m changing the “moveForward” variable the transition works, but back in game when I’m pressing Q the character moves but the transition isn’t working.

It’s like the variable isn’t transmitting correctly between the input and the animation.

Do you ahev an idea ?

Thank you

Off the top of my head, I’m not sure. Please make another post for this question. We would need to see how you have move forward set up in your Project settings and in the Character Blueprint. If you make a new post, include that information. -Thanks.