Tranq arrow

I need help finding all of the required files to add a modified tranq arrow in the game. I have

I spawn it the editor put it on the bow and it turns into stone arrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Honestly, I have never had much luck making childs, just doing a strait copy/duplication has always worked better for me. Maybe try to just copy the originals and work with those.

Also, make sure everything is connected within the files, some of the damage modifiers are in “hidden” sections of the file info and they’re easy to pass over.

Ty for the tip but even if i straight up copy the files I don’t know if i have them all or not. That was my question, albeit I guess it was vague. I wanted to know what all files I would have to modify to get it to work properly.

If you are looking for help I just made a modified pistol fire tranq bullets, that is able to knock out an ankylo, I can help you through what I did

The issue you are experiencing is one of the ammo area’s is not assigned correctly or maybe even more than that.

Yea it was an issue with using custom ammo on vanilla bows, so the bow was just taking the parent data and discarding mod changes

yes figured it out. thank you akukiyo

Do you mind Assisting me with the same issue. I want to make a set of tranq coated weapons with increased torpor amounts but i cant figure out the right way to get the tranq damage linked.

I believe all damage blue prints have a torpor setting. Only the torpor equipment/ammo/weapons would actually have an altered torpor setting so use the tranq arrow blueprint to locate it’s damage blueprint and use it’s settings as reference to modify your weapon of choice.

  1. Find the damage type folder: PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/DamageTypes.
  2. Locate the torpidity bluprint you want to use as a reference. In this case I think it is called “DmgType_Melee_Torpidity_StoneWeapon”
  3. Subclass it and rename it into your mod folder.
  4. Open your weapon’s subclassed template that you want to add torpidity to.
  5. Inside the template Find the “Weapon Stat” section and change the Melee damage type to your new subclassed DmgType blueprint.
  6. Edit your new subclassed DmgType blueprint by altering the torpidity entries to your liking.

I believe at this point the setting you’re looking for is “Damage Torpidity Increase Multiplier”. Test by setting that to 1 million for lulz.

To reiterate; You don’t link the torpidity effect to weapons, rather you simply replace the damage blueprint a weapon uses with the blueprint of torpidity (like the tranq arrow) and editing the damage & torpidity multiplier from within that.

Just as Jay was explaining, you need to change the damage type in the config section of the Weap_<weapon> you wish to modify.

You need to have damage higher then 0
Torpidity multiplier works better when damage is 5+
You can make a weapon have different ammo types, what you need to do is create multiple Weap_<weapon> files for each type of ammo, as they will tell the gun how to handle the different damage types