Trampoline jumps strenght

Hi everyone! I’m trying to make a trampoline to add in my level (since i’m still learning i won’t call it a game xD)

For better explain myself, i’d like to have a trampoline effect that let you jump higher if you are coordinate enought to apply more force while it’s launching you,

So far i came up with 2 options thanks to some useful tutorial on youtube, but can’t really get how to add more force to the launchcharacter when the player is going to bounce back into the air, nor how to trigger that “added force” by pressing spacebare at the right time.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Tryed another approach that does what i had in mind, 1st jump with x1,5 multiplier and 2nd jump with a x3 multiplier, triggered by pressing spacebar (as a condition) with a branch between the options :slight_smile:
Maybe someone can find it useful, just hope this solution has some kind of efficiency.