Trampoline action for character using physics?

Is there a simple method in Unreal to add physics such that if a character (1st or 3rd person) jumps down onto a specific cube that it will behave as a trampoline with bounce with physics? (not a jump pad that simply propels character up fixed amount when stepped on). Is there a physics component I can configure or do I have to build from scratch with Blueprint or C++?

Hi scottunreal,

you can solve it with blueprint, you move your character after he landet on the trampoline in the air, by using a Timeline. You have to calculate the highpoint of the character where he get’s thrown up, and then move him along this up-vector. Additionally you can use a float variable to slow his movement up, which increases accordingly to the timeline, and on the highpoint u run the timeline backwards (decrease the slow float variable) and move along the calculated down-vector. this won’t be perfect yet, without a curve calculation, but for the beginning it should be fine.
You won’t solve this without a bit math.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Just surprised there’s not some built in physics simulation for some of this type of action.
I did the same thing in unity by applying their bounce physics component and adjusting the parameters. Then I could set a different amount of different trampolines.

Maybe you can also use the jump node and velocity. This might be easier … if u hover the jump node you get some infos about it. I hope I could help you and good luck with your project.