TRAJECTORIES: you draw the trajectories, then you launch Laser Harpoon, Chain Ball, Axe, Boomerang

Trajectories Part 1 on the Marketplace

Hi, this is my work in progress. 100% Blueprint. Weapon and trajectories are customizable.
Axe trajectories and Chain animations are made via spline interpolation blueprint.
Let me know in the comments what do you think, if you’d like somenthing more or different…if you like it or not.
I’ll put it on the Marketplace soon.

Very good job man ! I look forward to see more.

Incredible! Will it work in VR? Got just the use for it…

Finally an actual good WIP post, keep up the good work.

Hi thanks! Not tested in VR also because I have an Oculus Quest which is like a mobile version so I need to remove special effects, reduce textures, etc. But it should work on Oculus Rift or others PC connected VR headsets. You just need to spawn che ChainBprint on the VR hand instead of the 3rd person player.

I just created a demo you can download and play from here.
Project has been submitted for the Marketplace approval process today for UE422 and 23 versions.
Trajectories 1 demo]( - Google Drive)

[SIZE=14px]The mesh constructions and trees you find inside have been created with the FractalTreeMarketplace package I did while ago.[/SIZE]

The ChainBall and LaserHarpoon are part of the Trajectories part 1 package.

Now I’ll be working on the new package:** Trajectories part 2** which will contain Axe & Boomerang launch and rotations. Also in this case you will be able to edit the axe Flying trajectories via spline. You can see a preview here

Play Trajectories 2 demo]( - Google Drive)

Today I’ll be fixing Trajectories part 1 asset (chain & harpoon launch) before publishing it to the Marketplace.
Once done I’ll submit Trajectories part 2 (Axe & boomerang launch).
I opened this page under WorkinProgress but since these are all Marketplace future assets I should have created this page under the Marketplace category! Opsss :rolleyes:

Hi @VerumBit this look really nice. As crazy as this sounds I want to use this trajectory system with Gun Projectiles in my Multiplayer FPS (to simulate ricochets, missile patterns, smart grenades, others) . Any reason why it could NOT be used? Will it have multiplayer support?

Hi thanks, no multiplayer support.

Awe shucks.

Trajectories 2: new boomerang weapons

Trajectories Part 1 on the Marketplace

[FONT=comic sans ms]Trajectories Part 1: change chain animation using splines

and finally the **Trajectories Part 1 Marketplace **TUTORIAL

**Next Update: **enemy can launch chainball vs the player.

**Here in the pic below the steps I have to do to implementate it.
Once completed and tested, marketplace Trajectories 1 product will be updated.