This is my first question on this site …
I started programming with UE4 (and then UE5) for a few months now. I mostly use blueprints (c ++ is definitely out of reach for me at the moment).
I am looking for a good training to progress gradually and step by step. I have spent many hours looking for and following certain trainings on Youtube. Unfortunately, I find that they are loosely structured and not really designed to help people learn. Would you have any advice and training recommendations to share?
Thank you.

Greetings Vincent-1310,

We see that this is your first post to our forums! :medal_sports: We’re SO elated to welcome you to the Unreal Engine Community! There’s so much you can do here! Earn badges through participation! Find out what’s new! Connect with fellow members! Share any of your creative works! Here are our Community Guidelines on becoming the best member you can be!

I’m so stoked to see that you are now a part of the programming world! Finding great tutorials are essential to your progress, especially if you are learning on your own and are not attending university.
Are you aware that Unreal Engine has courses? Follow the link here to explore the training programs offered by Epic Games!