Hi! I wonder if someone would like to help me? that can teach me blueprints or Material things in UE4, I´m 15 years old and i want to be able to get hired so i wonder if someone would like teach me? :smiley: <3

There’s a ton of tutorials on Youtube, I would just look through some videos, though it helps if you try to work on a small project and also check out some of the free stuff to see how people have done things.


Are you a musician? Look at what you chose to learn as scale. I do I take all my texture and copy folders and rename from etc. and send through my own school of tweeking textures. that is one scale now do thew same many many times. to alter each minute area teaches you what your doin. I played lead guitar since 12 and still sux. I love this guy
no one better
Not even Van Halen

When you make each wall or each wall with a moss texture that is wat? 2 scales? it takes as many scales that it will take for you to be successful. Only the heavens know when you will succeed.
Every failure is a scale that is the major chord. so play on

The smallest project is the making of assets or materials. It will come later.
The ability to be successful is a life time of failures.
Listen all. You cant learn things quike. so get that out your mind. I studied NLP over 20 yrs still same of ADHD MF. I am stuck like u having to repeat what every youtube teaches so if you dtay with it or not is up to you.
Main thing in that new sitcom that made sence to me the WestWorld

If a mistake isnt made then the turing machine doesnt learn, we learn by confession/mistake.