Training Videos, Books and Ebooks

Hey guys!

I believe this should fall under linear media, but I want to make sure I understand it correctly.

Are there any royalties for the following use of Unreal Engine 4:

  1. Creating video training tutorials (downloadable/streaming videos) for sale.
  2. Creating tutorial training ebooks and printed books for sale.
  3. How do project files come in to this use. Am I allowed to share default Unreal Engine 4 project files along with video downloads/streaming after the customer purchase (such as the map file that was created during the video)? Or is that a no-no and/or require a royalty?
  4. What would the recommended legal text need to be in beginning of each video to make sure that I attribute the proper copyrights and trademarks to Epic and Unreal Engine 4. As well as that the video tutorials are not affiliated with Epic Games.

Thank you so much Epic. I appreciate your time to answer these questions.

I’ll take your questions one by one (- YouTube):

  1. No royalties for video training tutorials for sale.

  2. No royalties for tutorial training ebooks or physical books for sale.

  3. If by project you mean the Visual Studio project file generated for your project, you can share that for free. If you share only to UE4 licensees, no royalties. If you sell it to the public, it’s a Product under the EULA.

  4. In order to use UE4 trademark logos in connection with your Product, you need a trademark license (which you can get here - Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine). Also, section 12 of the EULA addresses attribution:

“[Product name] uses the Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere”

“Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – xxxx, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.”

No other license or right in the Epic Trademarks is granted under this Agreement. All use of the Epic Trademarks will inure to the sole benefit of Epic. You agree not to engage in any activity that could tarnish, dilute, or affect the validity or enforceability of the Epic Trademarks or cause consumer confusion or diminish any goodwill relating to any Epic Trademarks. If you wish to make further use of the Epic Trademarks, please go to Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine

Thank you Canon.

The trademark license part. Does that mean if I were to use and show UE4 Logos I would need to fill out and mail in the Trademark License Agreement? How does this trademark license apply when it comes to books and videos? I would only use the name “Unreal® Engine 4” in title but won’t need to show Unreal Logos.

Yes, we’re asking you to fill out and (e)mail the trademark license for those uses.

Got it!

One more question. in section 5.4 of Trademark License it says “5.4 Submission of Materials for Approval.” Could you clarify this a bit more. Before I release to sell a new product (book/ebook, training video series) what do I have to submit for approval? The product cover images and any sales pages that include the use of Unreal Engine logos/trademarks? I have to do this for every new product release?

If you could give me a bit more clarification on this. Thanks.

Regarding that section, it’s the use of Epic’s trademarks that needs approval. That includes separate products, cover images (if they use the trademark), and sales pages (if they use the trademark).

Do I submit these to this email or

There’s a submit button at the top of the trademark license PDF for the license itself. Approval submissions go to branding@.

the link for UE4 trademark logos is not working yet. could you give us another?

It had an extra period at the end - could you try again?