Training Stream - UE4 Game Framework Basics in Blueprint - Nov 10th, 2015

Which is the best way to manage loading screen like transition from main menu and level or from a level to another level?

Hopefully this doesn’t just repeat the info on these items that is in the documentation, but builds a little example, hopefully multiplayer based, showing what part of a game should go in each and how they are used.

Hoping this will be a great stream, looking forward to it. Alan seldom disappoints, always learn something.

Hope this covers all those questions that everyone asks when they start using Unreal Engine for the first time.
(seen this on forums, on streams, anywhere you see someone starting to use Unreal)
And they are the same questions that aren’t even clear to the rest of us at times, including myself.
As Unreal Engine 4 developed so did some of these concepts and there should be more precise guidelines that should be more apparent by now and should be communicated for the benefit of us all.

What I and I believe others are looking for in this stream is to show the setup & the building of some simple functionality as well as an explanation of the following, for instance:
(when, how, & why, with simple examples as a simple example project setup is built & what we should include)

Game Mode
Game State
Game Instance
Player Controller
(Player State)(?)
UMG Menus etc.

These being the main ones, I’m sure their are others that someone else can think of
But setting up a proper hierarchy in projects and their use would be greatly appreciated
This is what every beginner & even some experienced users still wonder about or are vague about

These need to be shown not from a pre-existing project but built & explained from the start!

So many times I’ve seen (even in Unreal Tutorials) someone say: ’ this probably isn’t the correct way or might not even be the right way to use this, but to show ‘whatever’ quickly lets do this for now’ then nothing. no link or even a link to the ‘proper’ way to use ‘whatever’ it is.

Again, I do enjoy Alan’s Streams & always learn something.
But do hope some of the above is shown where it’s easier to understand, instead of just simple explanation without showing how.

Here’s a link to the project I’ll be building on Tuesday’s stream.

GameFramework Project

Sorry about Box. :frowning:

Nice, will take a look at it now.

Oh no, no multiplayer stuff?? bummer.

Great really looking forward to this. The Multiplayer Shootout sample covers these topics, but it has one BIG problem that I hope you can address. In 4.8 you guys changed UE4 so that when loading a level any UMG widgets added to the viewport get destroyed. Previously (4.7 and older) this was not the case and they would persist through the level loading. This change has broken the UMG menu system in the Multiplayer Shootout sample so it is no longer a good resource to learn from.

Fallout 4 releases on the 10th lol.

Thanks for that.

Looking at it now.

I second Ayretek’s hopes for clarity on the best way to set up an actual game - one with multiple persistent levels.

For those itching to look at something before hand, I’ve been running browsing these two playlists:

3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8)

Twin Stick Shooter (v4.8)

Looking forward to this stream tomorrow!

To extend on what ayretek has said, it would be very helpful for the community if you can outline some form of ‘best practices and workflow’ for creating games (multiplayer games would be more beneficial but I don’t know if you were intending on covering this).
E.g when creating a game the best thing would be to figure out the inputs for your character, which should go into the PlayerController because you may want to posses other actors within the game (when I first started experimenting with Unreal, I was adding all of my input into the character blueprint later to realize this wasn’t the best practice). Then stuff like animations, at first I was transitioning from animation to animation, now I figured I can blend by bone I had to re-do an entire project…

Either way I am looking forward to learning more in tomorrows stream, thank you in advance for your time! :slight_smile:

they have all of these streams on their youtube channel.

could you pls upload this stream onto youtube or you website so we can view it if we are no awake at that time I live in Australia and I have to get the train at 6:00am

sorry I meant to type can you pls put all streams on your website or on youtube

We upload all streams to Youtube. You can find them here:

Looking forward to this stream! I’ve been wondering about Game State and Player State.

Question for the stream: Can you briefly describe the use of game instance, game mode, game state, and player state as they relate to multiplayer games, in terms of which should be used for replication and types of data?

this will be interesting, i ever use that blueprints, only use character and actor.

Everything he covered is already heavily documented or on youtube.


When calling “OpenLevel” in standalone (not in PIE) the engine seems to recompile all blueprints I have, and that takes ~20 seconds for me, so the game is freezing while that happens. Is there any way to avoid that?