Training Stream - MOBA Minion/Creep AI p.3: Lane Movement and Navmesh Debugging Tools - June 28th


and are back to talk more AI! In this stream we’ll be finishing off movement in the MOBA Minion AI project, then we’ll pivot to create a useful nav mesh debugging macro. Time permitting, we’ll talk about some of the more complex quandaries we’ve been seeing on the forums!

Tuesday, June 28th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown



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Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!

Final Project: Download Here


Thank you for continuing the creep AI, its exactly the help I was looking for :slight_smile:

i ca not download unreal 4

i try to download unreal engine 4.12 release and a i canot it says that the secure conexion is failure, i can to login in my unreal account but in the download buttons the page is broke, what do you do?

Is your computer date correct?

If you have time, I would love to see some Detour Crowd AI. Maybe with different groups set up.

Is this going to be uploaded to youtube at some point? Cheers

Can you please paste some screencaptures of the Navmesh Path Debugging Tool?

What if i need to make another Ai-controlled character in the same level, but there is already a gamemode for minions?

Thank you and for such a wonderful series of training videos!
I learned a lot from them and would like to ask a question about the structure of the program.

As I remember, in the “Event BeginPlay” of “Minion”, we have a logic to get the game mode and stored the waypoints.

Then “Minion_AICON” could use the waypoints array. However it needs delay. At first used 1 second delay, then “Event On Possess” is used instead.
But I still found that there is a slight possibility that waypoints are not ready when AI controller need them.

My question is, shall we put that logic directly in the “Minion_AICON”? What are the pros and cons doing that way.

BTW, it would be great that you could show whole picture of each blueprint at the end of the training. 1 second for 1 picture is enough, so that we could pause and do some check up.

I don’t understand how your version is even working at all. SpawnActor doesn’t include a controller (on my end) I had to add a Spawn Default Controller to make anything happen. As in this link

You could set Pawn to auto possess AI when spawned. Here is the setup path.
“Minion” blueprint -> “Class Defaults” -> “Details” -> “Pawn” -> “Auto Possess AI”, set to “Placed in Wold or Spawned”.

Ah, awesome thanks!

I’m getting an odd thing where all of the minions are changing direction whenever any of them reaches their destination. I am using inheritance, so I have a master minion with a melee child and a ranged child, I’m sure this is causing problems in UpdateTarget because it’s casting to the masterMinion. Is there a better way of setting this up?

So around 1:05:00 in the video [MENTION=8] [/MENTION] and [MENTION][/MENTION] discusses adjusting the “agent radius” parameter in the Crowd Manager setting to make the characters behave nicely when in close proximity to each other. I have a project where I’m using Detour Crowd, and it works beautifully until characters get close to each other. They will then start to twist and jiggle like there’s no tomorrow. Watching the video I was like: “Finally, the magic setting that will make the seizures go away!”. However I’ve adjusted it about 73 times now, and it doesn’t seem to change the characters’ behavior in any way. So what am I missing? Is it really the magical setting that will put an end to the plague of the gruesome Shakefever forever? Is there anyting else that has to be done to make the setting work?

Any this series gets continued? I need my minions to murder some stuff. I believe said he has a working project where the minions do some murdering. Is it possible to get a peek at how that is set up?


We need a 4th part to this! Looking forward to some murdering. Any news/dates when the 4th part will be on twitch?

Hey Guys, i watched the video and don’t understand how the SpawnActor-node get the controller pin for Team and Lane.

I have the same problem.
In the video the SpawnActor Minion node looks like this:[SPOILER]

But this is what I actually have. No Team or Lane inputs for the SpawnActor Node.[SPOILER]

Do you know what I’m doing wrong here?


In the minion blueprint click on the Team (and Lane) variable and check “expose on spawn” in the details panel.