Training Stream - MOBA Minion/Creep AI p.2: Spawning Waves - May 31st

and continue to build their MOBA Minion AI, by completing the waypoint system to handle their navigation down the lanes. Then, with the AI able to walk a lane, we’ll work on the system that handles spawning waves of them, and start getting them to fight each other!

Tuesday, May 31st @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown



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Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!

Final Project: Download Here


  1. What are the limitations of crowd bots compared to standard AI?
  2. What are the highest minion populations you’ve achieved in Fortnite / Paragon?

Looking forward to this, as I want waves of punching bags, err, I mean minions in my next project!

you are not making any sense, this is not the paragon forum. i would refrain from having that attitude here where the thread is about Ai development, you have a separate forum to voice your concerns about things that seem unbalanced in a pre alpha without having to resort to swearing and so on.

Hey SBSeed, I’ve removed your posts as they’re in violation of our Code of Conduct. If you’re here to learn how to implement AI features in your game, awesome! The team is looking for questions to answer on the livestream.

For Paragon related discussion, head on over to the Paragon forums where those conversations live :slight_smile:

Take care!

At the moment I’m mostly interested in Ai for an RTS style (Point & Click) game from top down perspective. These types of games I believe have two slight variations of Ai, one “enemy ai” that attacks all player controlled units and buildings, then another “friendly ai” that is a collection of units performing tasks on the players team. The relationship between these two types of Ai could be a good topic to, perhaps something like friendly Ai that groups up and defends, while enemy ai that circles and attacks player/units/buildings.

Is there an advantage to using an AIPerception component instead of the EQS system (in particular, is using an AIPerception component better for performance)? Is the EQS system still going to be marked as an experimental feature in 4.12?


This was one I’ve really been looking forward to watching, but it conflicted with my work hours. Is there any word when this one will be uploaded to YouTube? Would love to watch it over the weekend.

And just noticed that the video is up on Twitch… Don’t mind me! Going to watch it as soon as I get home!

We always push to YouTube when we can :slight_smile: We had the big 4.12 release today so we’re a little behind (Sorry bout that).

Seems you’ve found the Twitch archive which I was going to send you to, awesome!

Where can I view the video now?

nevermind sorry guys just found it

How do i get them to select the right lane??? Driving me crazy!!

So, I’ve followed this training stream in my own project, with a couple of small modifications. I used the Path Node system from one of the earlier tutorials, instead of the array of way points, and I used the Miaximo characters instead of the default guy. I’m noticing that the minions don’t MoveTo the next waypoint until they reach the current waypoint, so there’s a couple of frames where the movement speed becomes 0 as they reach the current waypoint, and they enter their idle stance. It’s less noticeable if the walking speed is set to something low like 300, but quite noticeable at 600. I’m think this behaviour is also occurring in the stream too. If you look closely around 1:10:09 to 1:10:11, there a couple of milliseconds at 1:10:10 where the minion that is following drops its arms down by its side. Is there a way to tell the minion that it’s MoveTo target has been updated, so it needs to interrupt its current destination and begin moving to the new MoveTo target instead of waiting until it has reached the current waypoint before moving onto the next?

I’ve tried a couple of ways to try to fix this, but so far to no avail.

  1. Tried using the behaviour tree to update the TargetActor only, and used the Tick event to call Move To Location or Actor, and set the goal actor on it to the TargetActor pulled from the blackboard. This caused the minions to jitter/slide as they slowly moved to the Target Actor, but it did seem like they were moving to the Target Actor as soon as it was updated.

  2. Created a function to call Stop Movement in the minion AI controller, and added it after my Update Target task (which I have running in simple parallel to the Move To task) and the first minion runs to the first path node and then proceeds to slide/jitter while all the subsequent minions slide/jitter on spawn.

So after sleeping on this, I watched 's tutorial on Basic AI navigation again, and managed to solve the issue. I went back to Solution 1 above, stripping the Move To from the behaviour tree, and using it to only update the target actor. In the AI controller, I added an Event Tick, and called the MoveToActor node, setting the goal to be the TargetActor from the blackboard. Set the DistanceToUpdateAI to 500 units, and now they are running smoothly between the path nodes without pausing for a few frames. I’m presuming that Event Tick is more expensive to call MoveToActor from when compared to the MoveTo node on the behaviour tree, so I added a check to only call this MoveToActor if the TargetActor has been updated.

I’m not sure if this is the optimal approach, but it works. I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of anyone else has solutions that I hadn’t considered. Thanks again and for making these streams, they are always very entertaining and extremely informative. I’m really looking forward to the next one! Out of curiosity, is there any word when we can expect to see part 3 yet?

What if i need to make another Ai-controlled character in the same level, but there is already a gamemode for minions?

So im having an issue where my minions are instead of following the waypoints, running to one side of the screen. ive started to attempt to debug but I thought id ask if anyone knows how to correct this issue. I am using 4.12 so i dont know if since its a newer version somethings acting differently but if anyone could help that would be

is there a to become the 4th part ? i need the minions fight each other. can anyone link me to a tuorial where i can learn the minons AI to start fighting each other ? Walking Minions is no at all what im looking for, thanks for service