Training Stream - Game Ready AI, Part 7 - Jan 5th, 2016

In this multi-part series, and show you how to use all of the relevant systems and features (Behavior Trees, EQS, Navigation Meshes, AnimBlueprints, AnimMontages, and more) to design, create, and optimize AI for use in a game environment with all of the requirements and restrictions that go along with that.

In Part 7, and will diverge a bit and talk about the Dialog System in Unreal Engine 4, by giving the all the Actors in the project context so they can be referenced by the system.

Part 6

Tuesday, Jan 5th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown


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Books mentioned in the stream:
Game AI Pro - wrote a chapter in this one covering the previous incarnation of EQS used in Bullet Storm

Game AI Pro 2

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Excellent. Really stoked to see you guys taking this project so far. When the series is done, the YouTube VODs will make a fantastic resource for folks who need help with AI. Thanks for continuing to do these training streams!

Thanks Nick! That’s what we’re hoping people will do with these. That and learn how we debug our projects haha

Hey guys, i realized only now i have a little issue with arrows in AIS_PlayerPawn blueprint, as you can see from the pictures below if i play the level in viewport or standalone game the arrows are visible but if i use “Launch Game” or “Package Project” the arrows dissapears, you can “see” the arrows when you move the pawn but is like they have a transparent material, any idea on why it happen?

Play in viewport or Standalone Game



Play in Launch Game or Package Project



Hey guys, I have been re-following this stream and when it comes to adding in the sound cues, I can’t find them in the engine content, is there any you guys can post them so i can add them in?

Thanks a bunch, I can’t believe how much you guys are pumping out.

Many Thanks.