Training Stream - Drag and Drop w/ UMG - July 21st, 2015

Sr Training Content Creator Wes Bunn shows you how to add drag and drop elements to your UI using UMG. This stream is a must see if your game uses an inventory system and you want a fancy interface for managing it!

Tuesday, July 21st @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown]


Wes Bunn - Training Content Creator

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Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](

I’ve been trying to use the “Image” widget in UMG for creating a mini-map HUD item. I can’t seem to get the material with my pawn top view camera to work correctly. Any suggestions?

Hi Again,
I would also love to see what your thoughts are on creating menu systems with UMG.

Thanks for the tutorial, it was awesome, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Is there any chance we could get an upload of the project created during the stream? Everything works fine for me except for one problem. When I drag the action bar and drop it, it disappears after the drop.