Training Livestream - Working with Sequencer - April 12, 2016

is back along with to continue discussing the new cinematic tool, Sequencer. In this stream, they highlight the existing documentation for Sequencer and talk about future plans for Learning Resources, jump into some examples and create a small scene from scratch using Infinity Blade assets, demo some additional features like gameplay recording, using the Camera Crane and Camera Rail Actors, and others and wrap up by answering questions from the previous stream and any other questions that come up!

Tuesday, April 12th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]




[Question] Is sequencer going to have a way to import camera animation from another 3D package? If so, when?

I’ve always found animating precise camera movements tricky in Matinee so I’ve taken to doing it in Maya and importing the FBX into Matinee.

[Question] I know that Sequencer currently doesn’t export audio, but is that feature planned for the 4.12 release? Or if not, anything that would make doing that at least somewhat easier than it is today?

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Damir H.

Do you still plan to incorporate basic animation tools? Not anything too advanced, just, say, for example I had two characters in a scene, one was pacing back and forth while talking to another, I have the animations, but character A is not looking in the direction of character B. Will there be any way to move character A’s head so that he’s looking right at character B within sequencer? This would also help if you wanted to make sure a character was pointing in the right direction.

And will it be scrubbable? I’ve always found Matinee horrible with trying to sync sound.

Really guys, this tool is AWESOME.

I didn’t really get what you meant with the Line of Action… you mean like a ‘volume’ in which you should mantain all the action or what?
Thanks for the awesome stream.

Ouch! I missed it… Hope you’ll upload it on your youtube channel. I’m Very interesting about it.

Hey all,

Glad you enjoyed the stream… here were some of the other questions that we weren’t able to get to that I wanted to post a response for.

What about rendering a final sequence? Will it render without losing frames because of different hardware?

When we render (Like kick out a render) things are frame locked so no matter how slow your machine is the final product will be frame accurate.
Real-time Cinematics can maintain constant frame rate but if performance falls below a certain threshold things will slow down
For pre-rendered scenes you can go nuts and add whatever you like - it just takes longer to render out.

Will you be able to demo record from a cooked game and bring it back into sequencer for taking shots?

Not immediately, at least not for 4.12.

Can you show how to add Animated Myst, Fog or Dust area to the sequence see how it works in sequencer?

You can use the Event track to drive Blueprint Script which can alter Material Parameters or with Effects, can Activate/Deactivate them as part of a Particle Track. We’ll try to show this in a How-to or tutorial series down the road.

Are you planning to release some of the new features before 4.12 like in incremental builds before the official release?

No. The 4.12 preview release is currently slated for end of April (subject to change). So it’s probably best to wait to get that rather than push features back into 4.11.

Continue to post any questions and we’ll try to answer them as best we can, as soon as possible.



Thank you for uploading this very interesting stream. I really love more and more this realtime cgi movie maker :wink: Really can not wait the 4.12 release.

Can you attach a crane to a rail?

Is there any way to change particle’s parameter? I add parameter to a particle, add a particle track, choose parameter but the list of parameters available is just empty, even though I created one in Cascade editor.

hey guys…

awesome… looking forward to the event… speaking of events (lol, smooth)… when events are covered could you spend some extra time on driving blueprints and such, it seems that even in matinee people kinda side-stepped events alot… my clips will be heavy into events and blueprint driven actions… if i can do blueprints… i can do anyyyyyything…

but i digress…

looking forward to watching the clouds parting and the sun shining down… good work guys, i see so much potential for this…

I’m having the same issue. I add a particle parameter track but there are no parameter names listed when you click on track even though the particle system has parameters.

Does anyone know how to get this working?