[Training and Learning Blueprint Videos] Suggestions

Greettings Dear Folks at Epic!

I have some suggestions on Future vídeos for better understanding game creation!!!

One of my main problems in useing Unreal engine 4 editor is:

Thanks! I am a Big Fan of the Unreal Editor and just looking to improve it!!!

Unreal 3 RPG

…Just rememberd to say to keep Tutorial vídeos short, I am not cotradickting my self just trying to explain that I like to see more complete information devide into short partes, do some full mini games and show full game proccess on how to make them divided into small partes, for exemple a car race game and in the processe dont Forget to do a full main menu, whith setup options “vídeo resolution and detail level, also other peripheral options” dont Forget information on how to fill legal information needed if doing a comercial game, step by step into small vídeos but complete!..
…Preferably all in blueprint please! And on the way it be nice to do a “open world level streaming” RPG like “Unreal 3” and show “the making of” it!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!!!