Train track Spline connecting

Hi, I’m new to unreal and I was wondering if it was possible to connect the ends of two splines and have an actor follow it around constantly. I am trying to make a game in which you make your own tracks and have the train follow whatever you made. I have googled to see if anyone had a way to do this but i wasn’t able to find anything. I was going to make a static mesh for the straight and curved tracks and then attach a spline component. I don’t know if I can have the train follow different splines. I followed one tutorial in which I had to make a spline over the track, however the train did not loop it would make a circle and then stop. The idea for my game is based on Thomas & Friends track set. It would be helpful if someone could point me in the right direction or give some help to maybe improve the way I want to do this.

This video is how I want my train to go but without having the actual track be a spline mesh. I want to connect multiple static meshes with a spline through the middle which my train could follow. UE4 - locomotive and railroad - YouTube
This is what I got my idea from.