Train Ride.

I wan’t somehow to simulate a trainride, the plan is to making in as boring as the actuall train ride, 1:15 nothing to stare at except your own reflection since it’s to dark out side, not counting the stations passed that have a few glimmers of light.

Still I need the feeling of things passing by at high speed (top speed is 200 km/h but thats not reached, the average is below that).
Due to the size of the maps, and not wanting to mess around with scales, I know that one map is not enough. So what I am considering is actually placeing the stations quite close. Just far enough so one is not visible from another, then making a matinee or blueprint of objects moving by in high speed outside the windows, and playing this for the duration of the distance between each station.

Any other sugestions. I was considering using level streaming, but the area is quite large, and I don’t want to spend the energy building enough maps to cover the travel distance (roughly 100 km by car) so any shortcut would do.

All objects will be represented using lowpoly flatshaded single color materials.

why move the train at all and not have the objects pass by?

Why even have any real objects? Use billboards that you can repeat as needed, or randomly, or procedurally.

You would be passing through various stretches of countryside where patterns can repeat to some extent (it’s dark no?) so it won’t be as obvious and you can add stations and populated areas (lights and what not) thus covering lots of distance easily.

This kind of a ride could be as long and as fast as you like. Matter a fact you could probably allow user to adjust speed, or the speed could be preprogrammed (acceleration and decelerations approaching stations for example).

Hey if you do figure it out can you let me know how you did it, I don’t need a train ride in my level but it would be cool to know how to do it if I ever wanted to.