Train issues.

Hi am thinking of making a train. I started with the locomotive as a floating pawn add adding forward movement. The problem is that the locomotive doesn’t carry the player well. The player goes through wall or if I set to simulate physics the player plays running animation the entire time. So I am thinking of moving the ground and background and keeping the train in same spot. I want to spawn buildings and trees and such so I think that may have its own drawbacks in that case. Anyone have any suggestions.


The way you had it the first time is the best way to do it.
Look up tutorials on how to make moving platforms. the collision/settings for them should be much the same.

Also, you can’t really move the landscape at run-time without a LOT of work put into it.

Thanks for the answer. I think your right the train should move. I was playing with splines and timelines I think that will work well.

Also as far as AI on a moving platform, there is a setting for updating navmesh there is a tick box and how often, set that high low, like .05 a(as high as you can get away with,t depending AIon platform speed) can move on the platform

Just for anyone else’s sake. The player was not moving with the train when placed in scene Iand i had auto auto possess ticked. Without auto possess and using a player start The player was carried by train as desired