Leave markings on the ground, moving platforms, or other objects.
Autoactivation, and with a wide variety of settings.


  • Project markings on landscapes, static or skeletal meshes.
  • Add markings to a decal or in your material through a material function.
  • Only capture when needed or told to.
  • Automatically release render targets from memory.
  • Features not used can be turned off to save performance.
  • Activated by player pawn, chosen classes, or actors that are inside customizable bounds.
  • Support motion and rotation.
  • Below surface and depth culling, hide actors from capture when they are below calculated
    surface level.
  • Save and Load to disk.

Thank you for checking out my tool for creating markings onto surfaces, and feel free to ask me questions and-/or give me feedback!

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(Mirror) TrailmarkerManual.pdf - Google Drive

Disclaimer: Quixel art assets (Plants, grass, trees and textures on images and in videos) are not included in this product.