Trailers & Video content Editor

Any game needs a least one trailer. That trailer is comprised of multiple, carefully planed shots, cut to tell what your game is about. Add music and sound effects in the mix, and the trailer becomes a more time consuming task.

Furthermore, you need to periodically release shots from your game. Can you just grab a few screenshots here and there? Sure. Will they have the same effect as some carefully thought over shots? Some where the lighting, post processing, the positions of all actors, camera Dof and lens settings are tested and adjusted to create a perfect shot? Probably not.

What about releasing a short video every week, outlining what you’ve been working on? Maybe you want to appear in it, have your voice in it, or have a different narrator tell the viewer what you’re working on, with shots from the game carefully edited in.

I will capture the right shots to put in a trailer that I’ll cut for you, comprise weekly videos to show your progress, and capture the right screenshots to share to the fans.

I’m interested in doing all of the above. I have worked both as a programmer, and level designer on unreal engine 4 projects in the past, so I do know the ins and outs.

Get in touch with me to have a look at everything, my editing, level design, and programming work from the past, and discuss the best route for your project.
Here’s my e-mail: [EMAIL=“”]