[Trailers] Need a high quality trailer? Trailer Squad's got you

Hi devs!

I’d like to offer our video production services. Check out www.trailersquad.com for our work and get in touch with hello@trailersquad.com. We’ve been creating trailers for devs and publishers of all shapes and sizes for over 5 years now.

Here’s our showreel:

We love working with indies and our prices reflect that. Here are some of our latest trailers:


Thanks for your time!

Hey everybody,

I’m bumping this thread with some recent work and to remind you that if you need a high quality trailer done by an experienced and friendly team, we’re here for you.

Here’s our showreel:

And some other recent work:

Starborne Open Beta Launch Trailer - YouTube](Starborne Open Beta Launch Trailer - YouTube)

Don’t hesitate to contact us at [EMAIL=“hello@trailersquad.com”]hello@trailersquad.com.


Hey Chris love the work. We will need a trailer done soon, can you contact me zach@mintstack.io