Trailer - Valgard and The Armor of Achilles

Here is the first trailer of Valgard and The Armor of Achilles.
Hope you all enjoy.

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What a cool sort of marriage between a top down RPG and an almost arcade style shooter! Will be watching this one with interest, great job :slight_smile:

You made lot of progress, it’s truning into a good game.

Looks really beautiful. Nice job guys!

Nice work. Liked the art style

Great art and interesting mash-up of mechanics! Looking forward to release :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the comments. It’s been a very hard work but very satisfying. Please keep giving us your feedback because it’s helping making our game better.
We plan to to release a ALPHA very soon, and it would be an honor counting with you to play our game.

#‎screenshotsaturday‬ Here are some screens from our game Valgard and the Armor of Achilles a Shoot 'Em Up developed using Unreal Engine that soon will be at Steam.


Check out the level 1, 2 and the special attack from some weapons of our game, Valgard and The Armor of Achilles.

Weapon Sword

Level 1: It shoots one sword per shot.
Level 2: It shoots two swords per shot.
Special: It shoots a wave of swords.

Weapon Hammer

Each hammer drops a bomb at the hit.
Level 1: It shoots one hammer per shot.
Level 2: It shoots one hammer per shot and split in two at the hit.
Special: It shoots simultaneously several indestructible hammers.

If you want to keep up with our work, here are our links.





I like the new power ups :slight_smile:
How many levels in the game ?

Hello Galeon, the game will have 8 levels and each level has a boss in the end.

Oooo, I think I saw this on twitter a few days ago. Looks really fun!

Now it’s time to present to you folks, The Weapon Lightning!

Weapon Lightning

Level 1: It shoots a lightning that strikes the first thing in the way.
Level 2: It shoots a lightning that strikes everything in the way.
Special: It creates a energy cloud that strikes lightnings to every enemy nearby.

Check it out how The Catacombs level is looking by now!




It looks gorgeous.

Finally, our last weapon showcase with the gorgeous Ax!

Weapon Ax

Level 1: It shoots an ax that returns to Valgard.
Level 2: The weapon get its fire rate increased.
Special: It creates axes that spins around Valgard and after a while, shoots eight axes in different directions.

We just released in our blog an article about the process of creating the Level Design of Valgard, so please take a look:


We are currently working on the Underworld Level, so we would like to present to you guys, some of the enemies present on it:

Twin Headed Demon

Infectious Zombie