[TRAILER] African Superhero Feature film

Just wanted to share a project I’ve been working on… An African Superhero feature film! Check out the trailer below.


What a ride! From just watching your trailer, I felt like I’d seen an entire movie. :star_struck:

There’s an insane story going on within TeraStorm, and I can’t wait to see more of it. You’re doing fantastic work with this creation, @kagzfx. Keep up the great work! :grin:

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Haha I was really proud of the teaser trailer that I just finished and put out, but your trailer on a whole different level! How many people are working on this film?


Thanks so much…Its been a looong ride…

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The pleasure is all mine! Hopefully, it’s been an enjoyable ride, yeah? Judging from the fine quality of your work, I would assume you’ve been developing TeraStorm for a while as well.