Trailed - Capstone Student Project - NAD

Hi everyone,

We are proud to show you our capstone student project “Trailed” that we produced this semester at NAD.
Trailed is a real-time narrative experience game slice set in an undetermined post-apocalyptic fully dynamic environment made in UE4.5.0.
This 7 student’s capstone project was made in 14weeks with the goal of pushing our design, artistic and technical abilities to the limit.

The following UE4 technical features are demonstrated in this project:

If your have any questions, you can post a reply or contact us at [EMAIL=“”]

Core Team:
Marc Tardif - Technical Artist
Emile Viens - Level Artist
Jonathan Viens - Level Artist
Guillaume Croteau - Level Artist
Marja Lachapelle – Animator
Elise Hamzaoglu - Character Artist (Creature)
Marc-Andre Cossette - Character (Woman), Narrative Design + Event Scripting

Enjoy! :smiley:

Here is the complete gameplay walkthrough video of our level (real-time capture on a GTX760 & i7-4770):

Marc Tardif’s blog will have more detail on the process behind his dynamic weather system very soon. Here is his showcase highlighting the system and the wonderful work done by our three environment artists. (baked matinee capture)

Some screenshots (In-editor):

And the beast rendered in VRay:

For lack of time, we did not model the bear and skeleton and we repurposed them.
Both were borrowed from

Fan-freakin’-tastic!! Looks like a AAA release to me. No criticism to offer -Great job guys!

Freaking awesome job tous le monde, vous méritez votre repos!!

Thank you , thank you both for the kind comments ! :slight_smile:
We tried to make the most of this amazing engine with what we had to offer !

You guys at Nad are putting out some very nice work.

Awesome Work Guys!!!

Awesome job … looks fantastic. The only thing … and I hate to nitpick … is that she seems to be moving faster then her animation indicates. But that is so minor and only my perception from the game play footage. It is really looking good … good job and keep it up. 8-}

Do you have a download link?

Congrats. It looks great for such a short period of time and smart choices were made.

Very inspirational :slight_smile:

The best of luck to you all continuing your project commercially and/or gaining job placement in this great industry.

It looks amazing. Well done!

WOW! This game looks amazing. Kind of feels like a Lara Croft/Uncharted mixed game just by watching the trailer. Keep up the great work and I will eagerly await the release of this project.

Have a great day!

Amazing, you used your hair meshes as clothes? Or did you go to get working the Nvidia Hairworks?

This is so good! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I know this is not a final work, and is not to meant to be realistic, but the trees and vegetation looks horrible…
but that is not your fault, unreal engine hates rendering vegetation, beside that your work is very interesting, keep going, and good luck!

****, We actually tried getting Hairworks or a real hair plugin at first but we ended up using Nvidia Apex for clothing with the hair mesh ( for both the hair and the fur). It worked okay… not perfect but it did the trick. I think I ended up using a slightly modified silk setting from the UE Cloth Content Examples !

The game looks awesome! I like the atmosphere and the narrative style very much. The graphical presentation is cool, but I think that you can improve it by slightly decreasing the speed of the main character movement (currently it is not in sync with the animation). However, this is a very small remark, good job overall!

Nice work guys! How was the anamorphic lens flare for the sun achieved? Post Process material?

PS: I would also be interested in some more information about this: “Post process fake skylight material created instead”^^ Sounds cool, would like to know how you approached that :wink:

Amazing thing! Could you please tell more about Realtime Global Illumination? Did you tweak source code to improve the render?

is there any way one could get a version of the game to play it? unless you’re still working on it, and plan to release it at some point in the future, in which case i guess i’ll just wait