Trail of Ayash

[FONT=comic sans ms]Unreal Engine 4 In-Game Engine Render (Sequencer)

[FONT=comic sans ms]Our current game is set in pre Columbus America. Rife with intriguing landscapes and the native peoples of North America. We have worked hard on making a pleasant visual experience dripping with inky black atmosphere. We have included many of the myths and legends of the native people. There are things that lurk in the dark. Beasts that men fear. And things darker than that. As Ayash you will have to fight off or hide from the many creatures of Native American lore. Including Wendigos, Skinwalkers, Dwarven Cannibals, and more. We have incorporated native culture into our gameplay mechanics.

For example, our system of healing is different from most games. Much like the legends we are based on, you will need to learn the correct chants, prayers, and dances. And use the correct objects in tune with the relevant spirits in order to heal yourself. This can lead to experimentation of the mechanics, or research into the culture of those rituals in order to find the correct healing ritual. Also we will have dynamic AI behaviour for our NPC’s that emulates life for natives. In addition to the dynamic diplomacy and war system for all our clans. That can be influenced or completely shattered depending on your choices in the game.

Become Ayash. Once a respected member of his tribe until a trusted family member betrayed and framed Ayash. Alone and without aid it is Ayash’s duty to redeem himself amidst the intriuge of tribal society and the monsters lurking in the wilderness. Or perhaps avenge himself on those who abandoned him. The story is open ended. You control Ayash. You decide who will live and who will pay. You decide how Ayash fairs on his trail.

We have crafted an open world rife for exploration and conflict. You will interact with the various tribes of Native North America. They will dynamically react to everything you do and all tribes react differently. That alone can make for a compelling gaming experience but there is something more. Something much darker that lurkes in the forests and wilderness, in the corner of your eye and the slight cracks in the earth. They hunger. In addition to surviving alongside your fellow tribals you will have to battle the stuff of nightmares. Creatures born from the minds of men and spirits that terrify the soul. Talked about in hushed voices around campfires by storytellers and shamans.

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Man this looks amazing! I will be waiting