Trail Controllers on moving character fly at 90 degrees

Hi all. I have a playable character set up with a trail controller for a flowing scarf he wears. However, whenever the character runs straight the trailing bones fly 90 degrees perpendicular to the character. Is there any remedy for this? When he is idle the controllers work great and billow the scarf, but as soon as he moves forward the scarf with the trail controller flies awkwardly.

You can see the scarf here while idle and it looks fine.

But when he moves forward, the trail controller makes the scarf fly at 90 degrees.
Has anyone else ran into this problem? Can anyone recommend what might be wrong? I’ve been trying to work around this for a week now; any feedback would be appreciated.

Oh boy, I figured it out! The answer was in the tool tips all along. If I don’t set a Base Joint inside of the Trail Controller then it works just fine.

I thought it might have to do with velocity, the movement of the character being added to the trailing joint, so after some searching and head scratching I realized that the base joint is what adds velocity to the trail bone! I thought the trail controller worked like a chain and the base joint was necessary for it to work, but it turns out leaving it blank has no consequences (in a project as simple as mine).

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future! Like I said, documentation on how to use a Trail Controller is few and far between, so any help is a great resource. But anyway, keep creating!